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Accommodation in Dorset

ImageAccommodation in Dorset has something to offer everyone. There is a vast range of hotels available, from humble traveller's inns tucked away in picturesque villages, to the popular seaside variety which you can find in any of the coastal towns. Having chosen the style of hotel you wish to stay in, you then have a further choice of standards and facilities to suit your budget. Many of the hotels are small, family-run concerns where a friendly welcome will be guaranteed; and often accompanied by some fine home cooking. On the other hand, larger hotels will be more likely to offer a wider range of facilities, such as golf, tennis, spas or fitness centres. To explore hotel options in more depth, check out our Dorset Hotels article.

Of course there is more to accommodation in Dorset than just hotels. Bed and Breakfasts, or 'B&Bs', are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to hotels. Often based in farmhouses or other rural settings, they can prove very useful for those on walking or cycling holidays. Equally, in towns, B&Bs can serve as a base for those who wish to go and do their own thing during the day, and who don't need the full facilities of a hotel during their stay. The term 'Bed and Breakfast' can sometimes be a little misleading as many of the B&Bs in the guide are able to offer an evening meal as well. To find out more about this type of accommodation, have a look at our Dorset Bed and Breakfast article.

ImageFor the more independent holidaymaker, there is always the option of one of the many camping or caravan sites in the county. Camping is always popular, particularly with children, for whom the excitement of sleeping in the great outdoors is a key part of the holiday experience. Modern tents and equipment mean that cold, damp and discomfort are things of the past. Campsites too have moved with the times and many now boast luxury shower facilities, laundry areas, shops, swimming pools and even their own pubs and restaurants.

If canvas is still not your thing, a similar degree of freedom can be experienced on a caravan holiday. The facilities are similar to campsites; in fact most sites provide accommodation for both campers and caravanners. You don't even have to provide your own caravan if you don't want to. Many sites can offer 'fixed' caravans which you just turn up and move in to. They offer the further advantage that they are invariably larger than caravans which you can tow yourself. Some of these are as well equipped as a holiday hotel, often with fridge/freezers, televisions, proper plumbing and heating and for a significantly smaller outlay. Another option is a motor-home. The independence of a caravan without the inconvenience of towing, any campsite that caters for caravans will usually provide hook-ups for motor-homes as well.

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