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As you might expect from somewhere with as much coastline as Dorset, windsurfing is a very popular pastime for both visitors and local residents. You can enjoy this exciting sport at a number of locations along the Dorset coast.

Windsurfing is one of the most exciting and challenging sports around today, and it doesn't cost a fortune to get into it. You can start by renting equipment to see if the sport is really for you. If you're bitten by the bug, then you can start to invest in some basic gear. It's important to get yourself some professional tuition so that you can really enjoy the experience without compromising your safety. There are standard courses available, such as the RYA certification scheme, which will cover the basics and get you to a point where you can navigate a simple course.

Poole harbour has a dedicated area for board sailing, which means you don't have to worry too much about avoiding other craft on the water. You can in fact windsurf anywhere in the harbour, but do bear in mind it can be a very busy stretch of water with boats of all sizes passing through. There are a couple of dedicated windsurfing shops here too offering boards and equipment for sale or hire, as well as tuition for beginners, intermediates or advanced boarders.


Another popular venue for the sport is Weymouth. Overcombe Corner and nearby Portland Harbour are the two main centres. The curved bay and shallow coastal beds of Weymouth provide conditions which are challenging without being too intimidating. At Portland, the harbour walls provide shelter, resulting in conditions which are ideal for beginners and experts alike. Again, there is a thriving support industry in place to cater for hire and sale of equipment, as well as tuition.

Christchurch is another important centre for Dorset windsurfing, and this was reinforced last July when the Formula Windsurfing Youth Championship was staged here. The event attracted about 120 windsurfers, and racing took place over 2 days.

Next time you're down in Dorset, windsurfing could be just the activity you're looking for to change a great holiday into an unforgettable experience.
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